NEED HELP pressure bleeding clutch slave difficulties

ben swann benswann at
Fri Apr 4 09:29:22 EST 2003

As Sean mentions below, we are having trouble bleeding the newly
installed slave cylinder.  I have done this before on 5ktq, but for
some reason, this time it is not working as expected.

Shouldn't there be a steady stream of fluid/air&fluid coming from the
bleeder fitting on the slave cylinder, when pressure is applied?

I have the reservior chock full of fluid, so no air can get into the
line feeding the clutch hydraulics.

We resorted to trying to manually bleed - depressing the pedal with
bleeder open, then pulling back up with bleeder closed, in hopes to
force air out and draw the fluid in.  Nothing/no combination of
pressure bleeding or manual bleeding seems to be working.  We have
probably had a good pint of fluid come out the bleeder - it was
bleeding at first - air -> air and fluid -> mostly fluid -> nothing.

Now the pedal just gets sucked to the floor when depressed slightly.  I
have to admit I'm a little frustrated at this point.

We'd appreciate any helpful tips on this or BTDT.


[Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 20:38:09 -0500
From: shoemakersp <shoemakersp at>
Subject: NEED HELP pressure bleeding clutch slave difficulties
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My friend and I are desperately attempting to button up the clutch swap
in my '87 5000CS TQ wagon.  We replaced the clutch slave cylinder as
part of a throw-out bearing change.  We are now having problems
restoring pedal pressure at the clutch.  This has drawn into a
stalemate that would make one wonder if there is something wrong or
perhaps we are doing this wrong.  Here is the rough series of events to
this point.

1. We attached the pressure bleeder to the top of the brake fluid
reservoir, applied pressure and opened the bleed valve on the slave

2. This resulted in much sputtering and a fluid air mix coming out.  We
went through quite a bit of fluid before it was a stream.  He then
retightened the valve.

3. I attempted to depress the pedal and it snapped to the floor.  We
then tried to pump the fluid through with the pedal by opening the
valve on the down stroke and closing it on the upstroke.

4. At some point I had resistance through the last 2 inches of travel,
but that was the best we got.  Now we can apply pressure to the
reservoir and open the valve and nothing comes out.

I hope this is enough info for someone to see what the problem might
be.  My friend is now worried that something may have become lodged in
the line because of the lack of fluid shooting everywhere that it
should.  The Bentley doesn't seem to provide much help here other than
to say that you need to use a pressure bleeder.

I hope someone can help, thank you for all of the help everyone has

'87 5k TQ wagon]

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