crooked helicoiled EM stud :-(

auditude at auditude at
Fri Apr 4 10:38:03 EST 2003

Putting EM studs into my MC-1 donor motor with blue loctite, I discovered that one of my helicoiled holes in the head is a little crooked.  Crap.

It is an upper stud, cylinder 4, and it is angled down just a bit and interferes with installation of the EM.

If I recall correctly, this is a hole that previously had some kind hackjob crooked stud in it from the PO, which broke and was a pita to get out.  I still have the crescent-shaped piece of stud threads that was all that was left after I drilled it out and finally got it to come free.

My helicoil drilling and tapping must've tracked that wrong hole path.  (I don't believe it was straight and I drilled the new hole crooked, resulting in that crescent, but typing that makes me wonder.)

I'm tempted to pull the head off the motor, which is on a stand, and take it into a machine shop to see if they can bail me out.

However, there may be other options.  I suppose it may not be impossible to use something like JB Weld to fill in the hole after I remove the helicoil, and redrill and tap that material for the new hole.  This time I will use a bolted-on manifold as a jig.

I don't want to use JB Weld if that is a hack or if it will pull out later.  I didn't have much luck with it in the past when I tried to attach a piece of 17mm hex inside a destroyed tranny plug I couldn't get out, so I don't have the best impression of it.  I know others have been successful tho'.

Should I just eat the cost of the headgasket and machine shop work and have a professional take over?  Or, should I try another method?  I'm open to suggestions.

I'm thinking if I put the crooked stud in and try to bend it straight, it will just end up breaking.  They seem to problematic even when they are straight.

One thing I could do is use one of the n/a head castings I have and put the turbo valves in it.  Then I would have to block off the vacuum pump hole.



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