Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel?

Bruce Bell bbell at
Fri Apr 4 09:33:21 EST 2003

My experience with a lighter flywheel is the 4Kq where I replaced the heavy
stock wheel with one from a late 200tq with the flat face. About a 10 pound
saving as I remember.  No noticeable torque loss anywhere and perceptible
sense of improved liveliness when winding out. Not sure there was that much
of a real performance gain. As far as idle, yes there was a slight
degradation which was noticeable with the AC on. Nothing really
objectionable though and part of that could be attributed to the Schrick cam
and 5300' elevation. The car is in San Diego now and when I drove it there
the increased VE due to lower altitude eliminated any concern.  IIR the 200
flywheel is about 18 lbs. 11 is pretty light, so yes I'd expect idle to be a
bit rougher.


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passat TS wrote:
> Also, keep in mind that a lighter flywheel does has a trade off. You gain
> HP and quicker RPM gain, which is what a turbo engine wants, but in a NA
> engine it will eat some of the low end torque. A 7A engine would be an
> exception, since it kicks in at higher RPM's.
> Just my $0.02,
> Carlos.

What about smoothness, especially at idle? Is that a concern to anyone?


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