Tie rod end removal tool recommendation

blarson at Zeiss.com blarson at Zeiss.com
Fri Apr 4 12:58:46 EST 2003

There is a tool available for about $10-30 that might as well have been
made for removing Audi quattro tie rod ends.  It is called a pitman arm
puller, and is perfect for removing tie rod ends on 4kq,5kq, 200q,80q, and
probably most other Audi quattro's.  I have a no name one, but it looks
similar to this one, and you can get them at almost any tool store.  Always
works, and I have Minnesota salty road cars.
This is the right tool for removing audi tie rod ends, no more ripped
grease boots, or damaging the strut housings.

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