FP with Nero?

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Fri Apr 4 14:10:44 EST 2003

actually you could just 'use' the iso with a program like vcdimage.exe
or several others, it will open it up as a folder

Huw Powell [audi at humanspeakers.com] wrote:
> >I'm sorry; I described my situation poorly.
> >I copied the ISO file to the CD-ROM, but how in the HECK to I use an ISO?
> >Can't I please just have a "Setup" file?  <feeling old>
> You can't "use" an .iso file, it is an intermediate stage in making a
> cdrom - basically a single file "image" of what the cd will be.  This is
> the limit of my understanding of this stuff, mind you...
> So, copy it from the cd to your hard drive, then follow the steps
> outlined below.
> This will make a cd with a setup file, etc.
> >>Easy as pie - Close the Wizard and the Compilation dialog.  Go to FILE and
> >>BURN IMAGE.  Load the ISO image and insert A blank CD.  Burn as
> >>usual.  hope
> >>this helps
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