NEED HELP pressure bleeding clutch slave difficulties RESOLVED

shoemakersp shoemakersp at
Sat Apr 5 01:42:26 EST 2003

	Thanks to everyone who put in their two cents.  I was beginning to wonder
about the future state of our collective sanity.  Surprisingly the master
cylinder was a fairly straight forward job and much less troublesome than I
feared.  The good news is that my precious is back on the road for the first
time in way too long.
	Incidentally if I may put in a little plug here.  The car already had Ben's
chip in it when I bought it, but in the course of our reassembling the car
Ben found that the 1.8 bar spring had not been installed by the previous
owner along with the ECU.  The one that it had appeared to be a slightly
lighter spring, though it was still heavier than stock(1.6?).  The
performance has picked up considerably and it is now incredibly smooth right
from down low.  The only mods on this motor is the chip, the spring and the
intercooler strap, but I am amazed at the performance.
	Thanks once again for the help.
-Sean Shoemaker
'87 5kTQ Wagon (back on the road)
'84 CGT
'01 Dodge Dakota (For Sale)

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