Fuel pump relay location on '85 4ksq

Yoder, Wm. Douglas yoderw at msoe.edu
Sun Apr 6 19:53:02 EDT 2003

>> It appears as though I've damaged the "upshift control unit," which
>> appears
>> to be located in relay position number 3.  Does this sound correct
>> and, if
>> so, was the same item included in 5000s?  A local yard does have a
>> 5000, so
>> it's available for any spares that are suitable.
> Eh, you don't need that thing.  It's just there to coax you to drive for
> better fuel economy.  I can't remember if the 5k had one, but it
> probably did, if it was from the early to mid eighties.

My fiancee's '87 5ks wagon has one, but it didn't work when we bought
the car.  We haven't bothered to fix it, since we've never needed it...
we know when to upshift. :)

'91 100
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