Subframe bolts, replace or reuse?

Martin Pot paulnet at
Mon Apr 7 01:38:24 EDT 2003

I have just finished the subframe rebuilt project for my '86 5KCSTQ. It just
looks great and am all excited of replacing all my front suspension parts so
effectively. I have installed the 4 main bushings, new tranny bushings, sway
bar bushings and new control arms. New motor mounts and strut mounts I have
ready to be replaced too. I think I have thought of everything but am only
worried about the subframe bolts since I have read some horror stories about
them. Should I go ahead and reuse the old bolts, or would it be much better
and safer to get new ones? Do I order these bolts from the Dealer?
I will be taking the car to the shop where they have a lift, and want
everything to go real smoothly, and be prepared for potential problems. The
shop will let me work on my own car, and I get to use the monkey lads whom I
keep totally under my control, any time they get close to my car :)

'86 5KCSTQ Prl
'91 2CTQA    Prl
'91 2TQ         Maroon

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