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Mon Apr 7 03:34:58 EDT 2003

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I have opened a new Audi part business under the name Audi5TurboTech. I offer
importing of any Audi part sought after from Europe and exporting of any
performance parts made in the USA. I also offer a search for hard to find
parts or available options for those parts requested.

I am a dealer for Pauter Machine and Carrillo Industries. I can offer very
competitive prices for performance connecting rods and hardware.

I have an account with CAT CAM through their distributor in North America.

My agent in the UK and I have established an exclusive relationship with a
custom tubular header fabricator in England. Headers are available for the
UrQuattro/4000/80/90/S2/RS2/S4/S6 models for both 10 and 20 valve turbo

We also have a relationship with a body panel fabricator in Germany. Body
panels are available for the UrQuattro and Audi 4000. Panels are available in
Fiberglas or carbon fiber. Front fenders are available in either UrQuattro or
Sport Quattro flares. Rear quarter panels are available for the UrQuattro in
either stock configuration or Sport Quattro flares. Rear quater panel are
available for the 4000 in either UrQuattro or Sport Quattro flares. The 4000
rear quarter panels are modeled after the German 2 door 4000 (80/90). An S1
body kit in carbon fiber is near completion. More details about the S1 body
panels as they become available.

I also offer a search for replacement OEM new or used panels and bumpers for
the UrQuattro from Europe.

Audi 5000/200 Euro bumpers and rear light assemblies are available for
import. The Euro 200 has the turn signals on the very corner of the front
bumper, it also has the large wide license plate indent on the front bumper.
The rear light assembly on the trunk lid is different from the US version.
The assembly is made for the Euro license plate. See the pictures of my 5000
on this e-group site. I love the look and adds an extra touch of European
flare to these great cars.

We are always coming across 20 valve turbo engines and 6 speed transmissions
in Europe. I offer importing for engines and transmissions of any type.
Transmissions that are to be imported to the USA will be sent out to be
checked before they are shipped. Waiting for a crashed 200 20 valve turbo or
S4 or S6 for an engine transplant can be a real waste of time. I hope
Audi5TurboTech can solve that problem that we have here in the US. I have my
UK agent on the look out for all engines of interest including V8's.

We come across rare parts like Treser UrQuattro and 200/5000. I have listed
for a friend in the UK some Treser UrQuattro parts in and the
pictures can be seen on this site in Yahoo groups.

Custom radiators are available for the UrQuattro. Eliminates the need for the
auxiliary radiator in front of the timing belt cover.

Please e-mail me at Audijim at with your inquires. Look for a new web
site for Audi5TurboTech in the very near future. You can call me at
856-482-1646 (business) or 856-577-3132 (mobile) If you can't get a hold of
me, please leave a message on the business line or drop me a e-mail.


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