A/C conversion to Sanden/R134

auditude at cox.net auditude at cox.net
Tue Apr 8 13:12:02 EDT 2003

I didn't find any during my searches yesterday, just suggestions that there are adapters to fit Sandens onto many different brackets.

The Sanden mounting tabs are actually pretty simple.  While I'm not familiar with how the Nippondenso mounting setup is, it might not be difficult at all to fab up an adapter to mount the Sanden to its bracket.  Depending on how handy one is, perhaps one of the existing Sanden adapters can be modified to be attached to the Nippondenso bracket.

I sent an email to the Ice A/C guys to see what they have available.  They must have more than they have up on their site, as Ti said you can get the bracket separately, etc.

So Ti, it looks like the V-pulleys for the Sandens that would work with our cars are all the "two pulley" style like yours.  Are there any issues with the metric vs. otherwise V-profile, you know the issue with the non-Continental or Gates belts having a slightly different angle?

Or, I have heard that that issue is due to a lack of the "serrated" style belt (for lack of the proper term) rather than the angle of the V.  Anyhow, is that anything to worry about?  I remember losing alternator belts like crazy until I got some Continental or Gates ones



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> Are there any bracket kits available to use the Sanden with the later Type
> 44's?
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