cheap efi transplant ideas

David duandcc_forums at
Tue Apr 8 13:54:25 EDT 2003

15 seconds to start? Sounds like you have repair issues. My CHT running CIS-e III starts just as quick as any of my cars whether cold or hot. I must not be the only one, right?

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> From: "scott thomas" <scott at>
> Date: 2003/04/08 Tue AM 11:14:06 EDT
> To: quattro at
> Subject: cheap efi transplant ideas
> I was wondering if anyone has done a cheap efi transplant on the I5
> (turbo) from junkyard components? Always wanted efi, but the budget...
> Maybe I could get my car started in under 15 seconds with it.
> next, what's the best way to fab a fuel rail for the mc2? I've heard
> about how some use the KH intake, but I sold mine and that's not an
> option anyway, wha about L bends to clear the manifold?
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