chipping an ng engine

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For your information, the Ebay chips seem to be very
tempting, especially as they are VERY cheap, dirt
cheap actually. The only problem is that no one knows
if you buy a stock chip or something that's been
programmed by someone who wanted you to destroy your
engine. The 20v turbo Ebay chips are amongst the most
dangerous chips around, they cost nothing (60-70 Euro
for the most expensive) but repair due to using those
chips is MUCH MUCH more expensive. I know personnally
5 people who've had engine damage with those chips and
another 10 or 11 people who had to replace turbos
(myself included) because of those chips.

Now I have no first hand experience with the 2.3l
chips, but the consensus on German forums is that the
effect ranges from unnoticeable to bad (poor idle,
worse gas mileage). Another thing is that the one who
claims 20 HP (!!!) and 30 Nm (!!!!!!!) on a 2.3l 10v
NA engine is just a stupid damn*ss b*stard MoFo
because it's simply impossible to gain as many HP on a
NA engine (especially a KE-Jetronic engine) only with
a chip.

My advice is keep your money, those 25 Euro (+10
shipping if it's from Germany) will be better spent on
some fuel for your car.


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> Just found on ebay a chip for my 90q (ng engine)
> claiming 20ps and 30 newton
> metres, I would not normally be interested but it
> can be had for 25 euros,
> therefore I am very tempted.  Can anyone tell me any
> pro's and con's, or can
> any lister offer me a similar chip? This is to tide
> me over until my turbo
> conversion is ready to go!!
> Best Regards,
> Alan Pritchard
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