4KQ Wiring diagram question...

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Apr 9 06:04:41 EDT 2003

Quattrospg at aol.com writes:
> I'm looking at the wiring diagams for an 87 4KQ in the Bentley and I'm tryi=
> ng to figure out which of the current tracks in the fuse box has power only=
>  when the car is running (when looking at the general wiring diagrams the u=
> pper portion of each diagram in gray is the fuse box)
> Is it 30, 15, X or 31?
> It seems to me that 30 has power all the time, and either 15 or X have juic=
> e only when the car is running..

30: +12V always on
15: +12V when ignition key is in "on" and "start" positions
X:  +12V when ignition key is in "on" position only
31: Ground

None of these are only on when the engine is running.  The only line
that gives you that is the "output" end of the fuel pump relay.

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