Sunroof Problems Bentley let me down

mike mcclurg rrrrraudi at
Wed Apr 9 13:47:32 EDT 2003

--- Huw Powell <audi at> wrote:
> > Patient is an ’89 100q. Sunroof suddenly stopped
> in
> > mid-stroke. Power windows continue to work.
> >
> > Upon disassembly of the dome light/sunroof control
> > assembly, I find there is no power at any of the
> leads
> > to the sunroof switch, but there is power to the
> dome
> > roof light.
> that's because they are on totally different
> circuits.
> > If my guess is right, the hot should come into my
> > switch at terminal #5 on a black with blue tracer.
> By
> > the way, my switch is part #443 959 561B. If I put
> 12
> > volts on that lead, I can get the sunroof to work.
> that's a good sign, all you have to do is figure out
> where that wire
> gets its power now, right?
> > I also read in the Bentley and in my owner’s
> manual
> > and have seen in a recent thread, that there is
> some
> > overload circuit breaker for the sunroof. I don’t
> see
> > it in this schematic, though. Any idea where it is
> > located?
> should be in the aux relay panel over the driver's
> knees.  Little 1" by
> 1/4" or so silvery metal can(s).  There might/should
> be a couple, one
> for the windows, one for the sunroof.
> --
> Huw Powell

Thanks for the help, Huw. By golly, there was one, and
only one, of those 1/4” thermal protectors. The space
next to it is empty and not wired. Pulling it disabled
the windows.

Looking further at the Mitchell schematics, I think I
am supposed to have only one thermal protector. It
feeds the control module for the windows which has a
lead out to the weld that feeds all the windows and
the sunroof. I still think I need to find that weld. I
will try to trace it from where the lead comes out of
the control module.

In the meantime, I have discovered that the aux relay
panel that I have does not resemble the one shown in
the Bentley or ETKA. They show a three row arrangement
with definite positions for each relay. There is also
a sticker on my knee plate that shows three rows.
However, mine only has two rows and the two that are
there are not arranged anything like any two rows
shown in Bentley, ETKA, or the sticker. Not sure if it
came from the factory that way or if someone really
got carried away rearranging it. It's an early build
’89 100q, so maybe they were using up parts
transitioning from the 5000 to the 100 models?

Back to part of my original question, can anyone
explain why Bentley hasn’t included the sunroof


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