HP Valve Springs breaking?

Grant Wills grant_wills at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 10 18:48:42 EDT 2003

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Just Grant here,

I do not know if he has e-mail.  If he did I doubt I could get him to tell me
what it is.  But I do have a phone number (360-748-8578).  I was looking at
the list of repair/part suppliers on audifans.com and he is on the list.  Is
there at least someway to get a note put next to his name like:  Audi
destroyer, Lifetime Award for Anti-personal customer service, or something we
could all agree on.  I think that it would be best not to take him off that
list, other wise Audi owners will not have the warning that those of us that
have been screwed by him wish they could of had.

I am very glad that I have shared this story with all of you and you have
given me that will to press on until the bitter end.  Also I will keep you all
up to date with the latest.

Grant Wills

85 Audi CGT

Bellevue WA

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