Jorgen Rack failure(longish)

james accordino ssgacc at
Tue Apr 15 08:27:59 EDT 2003

Larry, unless you're feeling some strange feedback
through the wheel, it might not be your rack.  My
systems both still leak slightly through the clamped
ends of the return hoses.  How are your hoses?  I see
evidence of leakage after a few thousand miles as the
dust/silt start to stick to the fluid.  The fluid from
the rack is either in the boot (95?%) or at the pinion
shaft seal.  A leak at the pinion is easily seen.
IMHE, the fluid ends up in the bottom of the right
boot.(bellows)  If you clean the boot there with brake
cleaner and squeeze it with your hand, you'll know.
BTW, what is your rate of consumption?  For me,
anything less than 1/2 oz. per 1k miles is fine.
Engine gets a little dirty by 10k and quite dirty by
25k miles.  If that doesn't bother you, you could let
them go.  If your consumption rate is considerably
higher (2+ oz. per 1k) ???.  I think I'd really look
at all the connections and caps or fittings?  You can
see nearly every connector from the engine bay with
ease with a bright flashlight.

Jim Accordino
ps-Phil said "just fix the leaks."

--- l.leung at wrote:
> Josh and others:
> Thanks for the replies. It appears that the racks
> seem to go
> anywhere from 2 yrs to 4 years for those whom have
> reported
> failures. I wonder how many have been put in that
> HAVEN'T failed.
> Mine (2 yrs) has evidence of leaking (including a
> drop in the
> reservoir) but that seems to have (assuming
> temporarily) stopped,
> with the latest topping off of the reservoir (about
> 4 oz/120 ml).
> Not sure why, but at least temporarily happy not to
> have to consider
> doing the job. Between the rack and my valve cover
> gasket, I've taken
> to calling my 200Q a new name...Puddles.
> Thanks for all of the replies (and in advance for
> new ones for the "non" failure survey question)
> LL - NY    '89 200Q chipped, 16's, H+R's ... Puddles
>            '90 Subie Legacy beater, stock ...
> Piddles
> (home of the "British car garage without the
> Britons.... or the garage)
> Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:23:31 -0500
> Subject: Re: Type 44 Jorgen Rack failure
> From: Joshua Van Tol <josh at>
> To: quattro quattro list <quattro at>
> I have. The rack lasted about 2 years, and 80k
> miles. The rubber boot
> deteriorated, and it began to leak. They supplied a
> replacement, no
> hassles, but didn't pay anything for labor.
> On Thursday, April 10, 2003, at 08:55  AM,
> l.leung at wrote:
> > Just taking a quick survey:
> >
> > How many of you whom have replaced their
> > type 44 steering rack with a Jorgen unit
> > have experienced a leakage failure?
> >
> > Just curious.
> >
> > TIA,
> >
> > LL - NY

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