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David Kase desmo888 at
Thu Apr 17 14:23:41 EDT 2003

I would not rule out the '88-'91 models.  The 20 valve cars have a
great following ( and are great cars.  You also have the
option of the rare Coupe Quattro which is reasonably priced.
In any case, any '88-'91 5 cylinder car is a great value.
I have owned a 20v sedan and two 20v Coupes and I just love these cars.

Dave K.
'90 CQ

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From: Cris Carpenter <ccarpent at>
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2003 10:08 am
Subject: Newbie Q's

> Hi All,
> New to the list, so be gentle :)
> Interested in finding another Quattro.
> Had a 95 4KQ a number of years ago and always regretted giving it up.
> So, I'm guessing good tight, non-rusted, never been hit 87 4KQ's are
> probably hard to find. Any suggestions on where to look,
> especially in the
> Great Lakes region?
> If I'm considering making the jump to a newer version, are the
> 80's even
> worth looking at, or should I just skip them and go for a V6 90?
> I like the A4's, but probably can't afford one unless it needs some
> mechanical work.
> Thanks,
> Cris

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