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Wylie Bean TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com
Fri Apr 18 01:02:40 EDT 2003

Marcel, of HPA is building an RSI Beetle for a customer of mine as we speak.
The RSI is similar in looks to the Beetle Cup cars of a few years back, but
VW built a handful of street cars for Europe only.  One of his partners
negotiated a deal with the plant manager down in Puebla, Mexico, to swap all
the RSI bits for 2 cars in exchange for 2 of his twin-turboed VR6's.  Not a
bad deal.  The customer for which this car is being built has had numerous
cars built for him by HPA, including the beetle featured in the article in
European Car, a VW Cabrio if you can believe it,  and the Golf in the EC
article as well.  It was the May or June issue of EC back in 2001, and if
you look closely, there is a North Carolina license plate on the back of the
Golf, and it even has our dealer's (FLOW VW/Audi) sticker on the back of the
car, tacky as that may be!

They are all that....and then some.

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