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Fri Apr 18 23:11:19 EDT 2003

Brady Moffatt correctly said:

[Actually, both movies, and some others (Cannonball (without the Run)) are
based on Brock Yates' actual races, called something like Cannonball Baker
Memorial Sea-to-Shining-Sea Trophy Dash.]

Those of us with enough grey hair to have subscribed to Car & Driver since
about 1966 remember the Cannolball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy
Dash well.  If memory serves, started at the Red Ball Garage in NY, finished
in LA (Portofino Inn?? Can't recall...).

Both movies mentioned (Cannonball and Gumball) were indeed inspired by Brock
Yates' well dis-organized cross country endeavor.  The goal was to show how
ridiculous speed laws were by demonstrating how fast the US could be crossed
without causing mayhem on the roads.  Of course, none of the brass hats took

if you have access to old issues of C&D at your library, check it out.
you'll find a recurring thread since about the late 60's, as Yates organized
a number of them before backing off the idea.

Al Powell
Fort Collins, CO
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