Door stuck shut

Duncan Thomson duncan at
Tue Apr 22 15:44:07 EDT 2003

Hi Sam,

Front door I assume..? Maybe remove the seat to allow access and then pull the door panel and push
down on the door latch rod...

Just a thought...

I had someone try to break into my CQ at one point, but the latch had fallen off previously and I
hadn't bothered to reconnect it as I never used it (passenger side)...
Had a bit of a giggle when I noticed... at that point they obviously decided these fancy european
cars were a bit too tricky and moved on to the next one...
If my car maintenance was less lax, or they'd tried the driver's door, they'd have got in...
not sure what next as there's not a lot in there to steal... maybe the stereo, but the cd doesn't
work on that anyway...


p.s. ordered my ski pass, so I may stop in when the snow comes...!

> Hi all It appears someone has tried (unsucessfully) to break into my 200tqa
> over the weekend and now the door won't open. Nether inside nor outside door
> handle will work. So how do I open the door?????
> --
> Sam Clarkson

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