Suitable rallycross springs for daily driver 4000Q

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Tue Apr 22 00:05:41 EDT 2003

Mark, if you want to use stock springs, check out either 80/90 Q or Coupe Quattro springs.  Either will lift the car about 1" IME, the CQ springs will result in a stiffer, taller ride.  I also like to put fat 1" straps on the struts to prevent the violent strut bottom when the car gets airborne.


> Anyone have suggestions for suitable springs used with Bilstein HD's on a
> daily driver, rallycross/forest road running 85 4KQ?  Don't really want to
> go with coilovers and would like some additional ground clearance.  I've
> heard of switching the front springs to the rear and running CGT springs up
> front, but that sure seems a little cobbled together.
> Still, perhaps worth
> a try?
> Mark K.

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