Got a Coupe GT (all Audi fleet, all the time)

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Thu Apr 24 06:39:49 EDT 2003


Just wanted to share my enthusiasm... I have been posting recently regardin=
g my unfortunate accident in my "other car", thus writing off my Datsun Z. =
The insurance wheels are grinding along, offer of compensation has been mad=
e, now we're dickering.

I began to think that another Audi might be a nice Datsun replacement. (I a=
lready have a project '91 200q under construction). I was considering an 80=
q, but the deal seemed sketchy.

Fellow lister Ken Keith was shopping for AC parts for his CGT, and found ou=
t that a guy at the air conditioning place had a GT for sale.
When I found out that it was graphite metallic and cheap, I was intrigued.
$300 later, I have a running CGT. It has, predictably, many issues. But it =
doesn't look bad, includes two sets of rims, and a spare pair of immaculate=
 leather seats (sedan ones though). Needs some clutch hydraulic attention, =
so I haven't driven it yet. Most glaring flaw: It is not only equipped with=
 the digital option, the cluster is *missing*.

Analog swap coming soon.

So, I have come full circle. In 1996, I got a Nautical Blue 5kt, traded it =
in on a graphite CGT three years later. Sold it in 2000, got back into a Na=
utical Blue 200q this January, and now have a matching CGT!

Here I go again!
'86 CGT (graphite/red leather)
'91 200q (Nautica over black)
R=2EI.P. '85 CGT, '86 5ktq, '87 5kt

and if anyone's got a line on a reasonably priced 3B engine... lemme know!

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