Idle RPM just changed - help!

Cade Carvell ccarvell at
Fri Apr 25 13:42:34 EDT 2003

Did you disconnect the idle stabilizer?  if so was thier a change in
rpm?  I don't remeber if disconnection increased or decreased the idle.
Also, did you disconnect or check the throttle position sensor (IE WOT /
Idle sensor)  I am talking from 87 4kq land, since I don't know what
yours is, I am just restating things I have tested on when My car got a
little funny or heard fromt hsi group..

IF it doens't apply, ignore me... :-)

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>>> <CTDiesel at> 04/25/03 12:08PM >>>
On my 5 cylinder JT engine i was driving along yesterday morning and
all was
normal.  Then i headed home and when i got home in the driveway the
Idle rpm
was at 1600 instead of 850.  I flicked the gas pedal but no change.
The idle
stabilizer valve buzzes fine but i'm not sure what happened...nobody
touched anything under the hood and all of a sudden the idle is super

Any ideas or BTDT?


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