Coil-over questions, 2B camber plates

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Mon Apr 28 16:22:53 EDT 2003

--- Kwattro at wrote:
> In a message dated 4/28/2003 11:35:59 AM Eastern
> Standard Time, jeg1976 at writes:
> > For you guys with coil-overs, do you still get
> some
> > decent travel out of your shocks?  I swear
> everytime I
> > hit a decent size bump it feels like I need to go
> to
> > the alignment shop because they bottom out.  I'm
> > running BOGE shocks right now, I'll likely upgrade
> to
> > Koni's next time.
> >
> > Also, anyone running the 2B camber plates?  I feel
> > like replacing strut bearings, even the ur-q ones,
> > every year is rediculouse.  Granted the above
> problem
> > can't help, I'd like to put that problem to rest.\
> I run my car - hard - on the track, and have no
> problem with stock upper strut mounts.  The
> suspension has been in for 3 years, and 20 plus
> track events.  I do run Konis, set all the way
> stiff, and have no problem with bottoming shocks -
> but not much suspension travel (with 400lb springs)
> and not much compliance, I bet I'd bend a wheel if I
> ran the car hard off road, too :-)


I think my shocks are the main cause for pain.  I'm
going to try and spring for a set of Koni's soon, hell
might as well do the coil overs to while I'm at it.  I
need to compensate for the extra weight in my trunk.
You know, the usuall tool box, amp, battery, 12" subs,
and tow strap all crammed into a type 89 trunk.  It's
recently also turned into my mini-garage for when I
have to work on the car in the parking garage.  Gota
love it.

Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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