CGT digital to analog conversion issues

qshipaz at qshipaz at
Tue Apr 29 20:41:49 EDT 2003

Greetings Audinauts,
Having settled the Datsun crunch issue and picked up a Coupe for daily driv=
er duties, I am contemplating how to resolve the gauge issues. Namely there=
 aren't any except for the console ones. Voltage and oil temp are okay (gri=
n) but I need to get at least a working speedo to register the thing. I hav=
e access to a complete GT dash at bargain prices (analog) and am thinking t=
hat I prefer it to digital. (Based on roommate's '86 GT with digital- I don=
't like it even when it works!)
Has anyone broken down the pinouts of the plugs on the backs of each cluste=
r? I know they're probably quite different, obviously, but i figure it's a =
matter of hooking up a speedometer cable and matching up the harnesses.

It's fun to have a Coupe again. It's not much slower than the 240Z, and mor=
e spacious, quieter, and if anything, even more unique out on the road (unl=
ess convoying with Ken and Tom in their '86s also!)

'86 CGT
'91 200q

suddenly it feels like 1999: then '85 CGT + '87 5kt!

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