In search of 016 5-speed rear end ratio info

Vaughan Scott vaughan at
Wed Apr 30 16:21:24 EDT 2003

Hey there... new to the list, just a quick question; I'm trying to find
information in more detail about the various rear-end (ring and pinion)
ratios in the 5-speed 016 boxes, not to mention what year/model Audis they
might be found in. I'm particularly interested in ratios 4.11 and higher;
I've heard of a 4.75 or thereabouts, but have not yet located a fitment
for this. Any assistance pointing me in the direction of a website or more
direct informational delivery would be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to find alternate lower ratios for my IT car, preferably
something that would top out at about 120mph, in an effort to get the
"bread-van" powered proto-Scirocco to keep up with the newer, faster


Vaughan Scott
vaughan at

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