AC compressor kit source?

ed armstrong edshred2000 at
Wed Apr 30 14:40:19 EDT 2003

--- Konstantin Bogach <kbogach at> wrote:
> I need Nippondenso 10P17C gasket kit asap.  Anyone
> knows a source on
> east coast except Griffiths?
> When I called Griffiths and ask them a question
> about difference between
> 10P17 and 10P17C, having explained  that I bought as
> gasket kit for
> 10P17 from other place and it does not fit 10P17C,
> the guy said: "call
> the company you bought it from" and hung up.  When I
> called second time
> just saying that I want to buy a kit he replied that
> they can sell me
> the kit for $60 (compare to $16 from acsource)
> because I ask them
> technical questions.  When I asked why it is so
> expensive he answered
> that he does not want to "get envolved" and hung the
> phone again.  I
> wonder, did I say somethig wrong?

These guys are just being a bunch of jerks. Why would
anyone treat a potential customer like this ?? I
wouldn't give them my business. Good luck


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