what type of cool whel can I get?

luke maytagasm at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 1 01:54:37 EDT 2003

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options... s2 wheel, rs2 wheel (www.europrice.com), nice but expect to pay...
other options are get a sparco or momo adapter and an aftermarket wheel
which fits this standard size... sparco is the nicest...
if you got the cash i think the rs2 blue wheel is the nicest audi steering wheel
you can buy...

man... my advice?... make it fast before you make it pretty...
i think thats the attitude of most people on this list too...
for the price of aftermarket rims, tires and a steering wheel
you can probably manage a budget 10v turbo conversion...
if you keep it looking stock you will surprise the HELL out of
every car you ever race... trust me! :)


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