$800 carte blanche

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Fri Aug 1 11:24:18 EDT 2003

I went to Foreign Auto Parts store in East Hartford to buy a hose which runs between Power Steering Pump and the Steering Rack.   The last one blew about a year ago.    The guy said when my husband came in that he had bought the same part a year ago and then returned it.   I had the new part on my car.

So he made some calls and he told me that unless I had the system flushed out properly then it would keep blowing parts and that he didn't want to be responsible for it.

So the parts guy sent me to a shop in Canton calleld Dynamic Auto and he said that he had never ever in his life seen that hose blown, that he had no experience with that particular problem (WTF?!) and that it might take some time to diagnose it.

AND that he wanted $800 carte blanche in repairs to *start* with, and that we would go from there.

Well, I then drove the car home, with manual steering and brakes, which seemed to take forever.

For $800 I could buy a new power steering pump, a rack, and the complicated fitting hose which broke !!!

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