still no spark

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Sat Aug 2 03:25:55 EDT 2003

  Your Dist should have a line on the Inside and on the Outside.
 You need to turn the Dist so that the two lines match up at
TDC.  They MUST line up.  IF they are more than a few degrees in
either direction you wont get any spark.

--- JShadzi at wrote:
> Yes, for the cam and crank, now you gotta get the dist right
> and all phased with the TDC Sensor.
> Javad
> >ok... so with the valve cover off, both lobes on piston 1 are
> facing
> >upwards,
> >the piston is at the top... cam gear marker lines up... this
> is tdc correct?
> >
> >luke
> >90tq
> >
> >

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