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> OK, I want to get my 90q painted in the same factory red it is, I want to
> save money by doing the taping and sanding myself, what grit to sand it in? how
> deep to sand it? should I also get some bondo or filler and fix the tiny
> dents in the doors? should I buy a orbit sander for my aircompressor or do it by
> hand? can someone tell me who to contact about buying new mid level door
> trims? the ones that have the audi logo on the front and are black plastic and
> serve to protect door from dings...any advice? can I paint it myself if I find
> a clean garage? I do have a auto paint sprayer but have never been to school
> for painting.
> tia

There are a few good books which describe how to paint a car in great detail.
Best investment of 20 bucks when it comes to painting cars.


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