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What i do is.....

Wash your car very clean,, to remove all the dust,, oil....
YOU MUST get an orbital air sander.

-REmove lights and all things it s easy to remove to get better job.
-Mask everywhere  you dont want the paint and the sand from the little
sandblast machine to go... windows,,, trim....
-Sand all the car with 400 good sand paper,,, forget canadian tire type
-Sandblast where the rust.... if not it will come out in the year..
-Sand the sand blast spots and little around with aaaa  220 papers
-Sand all little scraches with kind of 320 paper...
-Paint first primer,,, vinyl wash primer (green cathalysed primer) to the
metal (on the spots) then use final primer (cathalysed primer the best) on
the spots and a little around the spots.
-Use bondo to fill any spot or puk on the car.
-Sand the spots with 180 first to remove the big inegality of the bondo (use
a block to put the paper on it to get better strate surface) - then 220 ,,,
then finish with 320
-Use final primer on the spots.
-NOTE you can use heavy primer to use insted of bondo to fill smalls spot
and scratch,,, it save alot of time  but it s much more expensive.
-To do a better job use good final primer on all the body. (epoxy is very
good and $$).U can use color match primer..
-At the end you can use 600 grade papers to resand all the car,,,, to make
the primer surface very nice.
-finally wash all the car with special product to remove any grease from
your hands,,,,,
-ready to paint..

paint type:

-email: cheap and not very good
-urethane: more$ but much more tuff and nice plastique finish-
-base coat: paint with clear on it... more $$$$,,,
- and so on...

note :sorry for my english.
If u have any questions ask me i ll do the best.
The is more tthan one methode to do a car... it depend how much money and
time u want to spend or save :-)


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OK, I want to get my 90q painted in the same factory red it is, I want to
save money by doing the taping and sanding myself, what grit to sand it in?
how deep to sand it? should I also get some bondo or filler and fix the tiny
dents in the doors? should I buy a orbit sander for my aircompressor or do
it by hand? can someone tell me who to contact about buying new mid level
door trims? the ones that have the audi logo on the front and are black
plastic and serve to protect door from dings...any advice? can I paint it
myself if I find a clean garage? I do have a auto paint sprayer but have
never been to school for painting.



also how can I tell if someone is a good painter ? any BTDT advice?


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