still no spark

ben swann benswann at
Sun Aug 3 22:55:24 EDT 2003

Correct enough to say its "in the ballpark".

Best way I've found to verify TDC is using a rod down the #1 spark plug
hole(once in the ballpark).  Rotate engine by hand(can push car in
gear) - until rod is at very top.  Be careful to do this a tiny bit at
a time as rod can/will bind.  When at very top, the flywheel timing
mark "SHOULD" match exactly the half window mark AND the harmonic
balancer pulley mark should line up with tit on the front cover,
although I have seen slippage on the front pulley.  The flywheel can't
slip, so this is redundant, but then you can make sure it is all
right.  Once you have Crank at TDC, make a new mark if need be on front
pully for ease of reference.  I mark the tit with bright paint and can
see TDC easily.

At this dead even with the valve cover gasket.  Then the distributor
can be inserted to properly align with #1 position, or turned if only
slightly out of ballpark although I prefer this to be dead on.

Sounds like your basic crank-cam-distributor relationship is close.

I echo the recommendation to use diagnostics to narrow down the
problem.  I had a problem getting my MC-1 re-started after the
accident.  Had a bogus fault code, or so I thought.  It was good enough
to lead me to all of my sensor connections being damaged.


[From: "luke" <maytagasm at>
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Subject: Re: still no spark
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 13:35:19 -0400

ok... so with the valve cover off, both lobes on piston 1 are facing
upwards, the piston is at the top... cam gear marker lines up... this
is tdc correct?


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