just to check some prices

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Tue Aug 5 15:50:58 EDT 2003


The price naturally depends on what you think is reasonable. I think it
is expensive, but my local dealer want $300 for each piston for my MC
turbo engine. I bought used pistons from one of the friendly listers
here instead, I paid $100 for all 5, plus shipping. I suggest you look
into buying used pistons yourself. As long as they do not have any
damage, they are good aas new. Just install new rings, of course.

87 Cq

Christo Atanasov wrote:

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>engine rebuild on way...
>I checked for some new 82.5mm pistons (for 2.3) to put them in my 2.2
>and the answer is about $145/piece (it is MAHLE production).. so 145*5 it is $725 only for pistons with rings.. I think tath is too much, but I never before was looking for some pistons.. so it doesen't matter what I think.
>How do you think.. is this price reasonable or it's too high or maybe too low?

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