DTM V8Q in Australia

DieMarthaDie at aol.com DieMarthaDie at aol.com
Tue Aug 5 15:00:04 EDT 2003

for those that were "interested" in the DTM V8 that was posted... I have the following reply from the sellers... dig deep folks, very deep...

I asked about the price when they converted it back to track stock from the current "showroom" set up.

FYI current conversion is AU$1 = US$0.65 so that selling price is about US$71,500... which, I suppose, isn't a bad price... but I kinda doubt it would be very comfortable on the street ;)

"Hi John,
thanks for your mail.
When it is running I will be asking AU$110,000 as it will be allot of work.
Shipping to the US would be about US$2000-3000.

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Simon Ansell
Sales Department

Quattro Sport Zentrum Pty. Ltd.
36 Lambert Street
Richmond 3121 Victoria, Australia.
Phone: +61 3 9429-7477 Fax:   +61 3 9428-3377
sales at qsz.com.au    www.qsz.com.au"

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