Valvoline MaxLife woes (long)

Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Aug 5 21:53:05 EDT 2003

At 9:41 AM -0700 8/5/03, Jim Green wrote:

>It's not really a catch can, but a seperator that
>drains back to the sump.  I still have it breathing
>through the intake since it still makes a mess under
>the hood.  On a stock motor you'd be fine venting to
>amosphere with a seperator, but on my motor that I
>like to beat the hell out of, I get some good stuff
>coming out of there especially since I have to run the
>oil between full and 1/4 quart over to avoid

You're got "good stuff" coming out because you're overfilling the
engine, and your oil is splashing around too much as a result(this
will also cause power loss, btw).  Starvation is solved by oil pan
baffles, accusumps/dry sumps, etc.  Not by overfilling the engine.
On the 20v's, there's a nice big orange sticker on the t-belt cover
that specifically and clearly warns you to NEVER exceed the max mark
on the dipstick.

Second, do NOT vent the crank to the atmosphere on a street vehicle.
That is -very- much against emissions laws, with good reason.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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