Flywheel pin information for KH motor

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Wed Aug 6 11:28:40 EDT 2003

  Sounds like you thought it through.  Thats good.  Go with your
plan then.  I agree partially with you but I feel the early 10vt
flywheels are EXCESIVELY heavy.  The 91' 200 flat flywheel is
about 10+ lbs lighter but still a very heavy flywheel with more
than enough mass for the turbo application.  I've driven a few
cars with that flywheel "including an MC in an UR-Q" and think
that it makes the throttle response much better and makes the
car a tad more responsive. The Balanced and Blueprinted 10vt
that I drove feels almost like a 20vt except it still runs out
of breath at about 6000 rpm unlike hte 20vt.
  Anyhow, just thought I'd bring that up.  The JT flywheel I
believe falls somewhere in between the two anyhow so that will
help some.  I believe its
  MC-2/3B Flywheel - 18lbs
  4kq/jt  Flywheel - 24lbs
  5ktq/mc Flywheel - 29 lbs.
I did sucsessfully lighten a 4kq flywheel to about 20lbs once
before balancing.  After Balancing it would have been a little
less.  Just an FYI for anyone curious.
  Good luck Eric, I love my KH 4ktq.

   FS: 84' 4ktq KH motor, new paint (NOT MAACO)  Selling to make
way for a 20vt ur-q.

--- Eric <eric_audi.ql at> wrote:
> I guess I differ in my opinion than most people here in
> regards to light flywheels.  I think they are the way to go
> hands down on a NA car or a race turbo, but I don't agree for
> a street turbo.  Load is what spools a turbo and with the 4k
> the gearing is already working against you in low gears (tall
> gearing spools turbos faster also).
> Anyway I have a SPEC Stage II clutch good for 360 lb-ft and it
> was far cheaper than getting a used 240 mm flywheel and sachs
> clutch kit.
> -Eric
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> > Why not ditch it and get a 91' 200 flat face flywheel,
> balance
> it to match the motor.  ITs lighter and much stronger.  Not to
> mention correct.  ITs also the same flywheel used on some
> later
> MC-2 motors.
> l8r
>   Todd
> --- Eric <eric_audi.ql at> wrote:
> > I am using a JT flywheel in my KH conversion.  I know the
> > location of
> > the pin (I think), but I don't have a 5k to reference for
> size
> > and
> > length of pin.  I would imagine the diameter would not be
> > hugely
> > important, but length might be.
> >
> > By the way if anyone has tried to email me in the last week
> or
> > so I was
> > having trouble with email and did not get it.
> >
> > A big thanks in advance.
> >
> > Eric Sanborn
> > '85 4kq in the middle of KH conversion
> >
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