Flywheel pin information for KH motor

luke maytagasm at
Wed Aug 6 23:58:29 EDT 2003

measured more... its 1/8" thick and its center point is
almost exactly 3/4" down from the top of the teeth
in a straight line...
the 0 tdc mark is beside a tooth... next tooth over is 1
the pin is between 35 and 36

btw...talking about kh motors before...
if you can get one cheap put a MC head on there... or
at least the camshaft. and get a k26 out of an mc1.
the kh turbo is a mini k26, not the full thing.
i have the prior k26 out of a type 43...
full sized but only oil cooled.
IMPORTANT: before it leaks and leaves you
stranded spend the extra $100 and get an after
market oil cooler.
if its a 1985 stock oil cooler it will probably
leak eventually... and besides... compared
to cheap aftermarket even it sucks...
i dont recommend it but i used barbs
which are fine. i recommend -6 but the barbs
work fine for me... it was kind of a need
to drive desperation sort of thing.
if you cant source metric to -6 adapters
(ITS HARD AS HELL!!! and part guys mostly
only know "this screws into this")
i can get you some i think... might have to
take mine off to show the guy the adapters..
they cant read labels apparently.
mine leaked and killed my motor mount and
build a heat sheild for your mount....
EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: the thread size
on the oil cooler line on a kh is 16mm by 1.5, unlike
mc engines which use 18mm x1.5mm.
the kh uses a male to male 16x1.5 to 17x1.5 adapter.

> That is great information.  I will just use a small dowel pin.  Got to
> pick it up in the morning on the way to work.  I have the flywheel being
> resurfaced right now.  I have trying to get all this sorted out so I can
> put the motor in this weekend.
> How is your swap going?   I have been watching some of the threads, but
> am not really up to date.
> -Eric

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