Alternator Electrical noise and Belts?

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Thu Aug 7 00:28:26 EDT 2003

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Hey Jim, I replaced my belt with one from Rod about 4 years ago, never had
one problem with it, then when I did the Stage II IC I used a shorter (Gates I
think?) belt from NAPA to move the alternator closer to the motor, haven't had
any problems there either, very odd.  What tensioner system do you have, do
you have the good one with the gear?


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> Two questions/issues,
> One, what kind of alternator belts are you guys using?
> I’m on belt #4 in the last month, I’ve tried Conti
> -SF11, 2x866, Gates, Dayco, and some other truck stop
> brand.  I swear I go through this every two years, the
> last belt that went the distance was a Dayco.  I threw
> that at 6800 rmps in third gear last month.  I’ve
> verified the pulley is lined up, Any other brands I’m
> missing?
> Two, what causes alternator noise?  I’ve replaced my
> brushes and voltage regulator with no luck.  Do I just
> need a new one?  Mine’s 205,000 miles old.  I realized
> it’s the cause of all my electrical system noise when
> my O2 gauge went silent once the belt came off today.
> The gauge is grounded to the IM.

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