EM studs: with or w/o Loctite?

Louis-Alain Richard louis-alain.richard at palm.ca
Thu Aug 7 15:21:37 EDT 2003

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Hi all,

I am presently having my head rebuilt, (well not mine, even if sometimes I =
think it could be a good idea...) and I am still wondering if Loctite for t=
he EM studs is a good idea. Patient is a WX engine for an 83 urQ.

I have bought all the new studs, bolts, washers from OEM (cheap, studs: 1.0=
8$, nuts:2.30$, washers: 3.20$, all CDN money).

The head will be sparkling new and I will tap all holes with a correct 8mm =

But, Is it a good idea to add some Red Loctite (or any other stuff in fact)=
 to the studs, head side?
Or should I have the studs drilled to add some safety wiring?

What I am looking for is plain theory, (the list is very good for that...),=
 real BTDTs (much better) or any info worth mentioning, even if the patient=
 was a Dorf or an Ovlov.

So: Loctite or not?

Louis-Alain RICHARD
83 urQ #900463

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