Audi 90 running on few cylinders

Nate Stuart newt at
Thu Aug 7 21:39:29 EDT 2003

Hey Andy, sounds just like a knock sensor problem of some sort. Either a)
you are getting gobs of knock when the engine is cold, or b) something is
screwy with you knock sensor or the wiring to it. The CIS-E3 computer if
it detect enough knock will set the timing to full retard, cutting the
power right out from under you. A restart will reset this and let you go
on your merry way. Try unplugging the knock sensor tomorrow morning and
see if the problem persists.

However your power issues should be consistent throughout, and you
wouldn't be seeing the nasty good acceleration on WOT that you say you're
getting. Odd. Have you tried pulling any fault codes yet? If not I'll
bring some wires and an LED to the autox this weekend and we can dub with
it there a little, you are going this weekend aren't yah? The audi
presence was ~50% off at the last couple events. ;)

Take care,
'89 90tq

Andy Thibodeau said:
> I've been living with this same problem in my '88 90Q for  about 2 years,
> and wondering the whole time what the problem is.  Car cold starts great,
> idles just fine, but when you get out of the driveway it starts to spit
> and
> fart.  Idle is still good at this point, check engine light is on, spits
> and
> farts while depressing accelerator (under load), runs OK at constant
> throttle position, but rips at WOT.  This whole problem never happens on a
> good hot start, and does not go away if driven to any distance.  What I
> have
> been doing is shutting the car off (after 20-30 min of driving) while
> coasting and then restart, match revs, and engage clutch, this seems to
> get
> rid of my check engine light and poor performance.  I have long suspected
> ignition wires, but any other ideas are welcome.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Andy '88 90Q

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