Armchair Rallying

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Tue Aug 12 08:15:45 EDT 2003

--- Rave Racer <raveracer77 at> wrote:
>     Well, I'll be sure to come back when I have a
> better PC to play those
> games.  I like the section on cheat codes:
>         Eat this    =     Use handbrake button to
> shoot fireball
>     To bad I can't get this mod on my car.

Mini switch on the handbrake button wired in series
with the stock handbrake switch and a 5 second timer
so you can only set it off when the brake is off.
Then run a cold start injector in your tailpipe with
an extra sparkplug.  That should do the trick.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI Stage II

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