Brake line corrosion - 87 4KQ.....

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Sun Aug 17 16:37:35 EDT 2003

Mesure all steel hose you need and go buy same lenght, as close as possible,
then change them.
This way oyu ll sure no leak.

You can use a tool to make double bubble end for hoses but it s not as good
as if you buy them.


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> I recently broke the parking brake cable on my 87 4KQ and crawled up
> underneath to take a look. Pretty scary under there. 17 years of
Massachusetts winters
> have taken their toll. I noticed that the brake lines are all very
> (the hard lines under the car, not the flexible ones to the calipers).
> lines are in a similar state of demise. Fortunately the car is off the
road for
> now so I don't need to drive it any time soon.
> Has anyone replaced these lines lately? Any idea if they are still
> or is this going to be a custom job?
> Thanks
> Bill

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