Synthetic oil for I-5s

Eric eric_audi.ql at
Tue Aug 19 13:57:00 EDT 2003

I have heard the same thing about switching back to standard oil, but I
can't remember the rational.  I have switched back and forth on a VW
motor before that still does not burn oil with 150k+ miles (hard miles
since I owned it). What I have been told is synthetic has smaller more
uniform molecules.  This means the synthetic can leak out through
smaller openings.  I don't however know that synthetic is going to be
better at cleaning out an engine.  Standard oil has detergents also.

4kq (soon to be turbo)  in SW Virginia

David wrote:

>I've been running 20W50 dino oil in my CGT and doing MMO treatments before oil changes. I was thinking of switching to synthetic for it's cleaning properties and to help keep oil temps down (in high speed/agressive driving on the highway my oil temp goes as high as 150*C, cruising is around 130*C and in town around 90-100*C). I realize there is a chance that the synthetic will clean out the engine so well that it will begin to leak or burn oil. My plan was to switch to synthetic for 6 months or so to clean it out then switch back if it leaks or consumes oil. So, what are your thoughts on this? What weight is appropriate for I5s? Is it available in 20W50? Do I even need it that thick with synthetic?
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