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Wed Aug 20 19:12:45 EDT 2003

OK - Thanks, I got it.  Quite simple really and I wish I'd asked before.

I just used a right angle flat screwdriver to access the small tabs located
just inside the vent.  The speaker grill pops out then and leaves everything

Was able to get the buzz out of the speaker and life is good again - at least
with the stereo system.

Thanks for the helpful replies.

> How do I access or remove the front speakers?
> =================================================================
> Use a knive or flatbed screwdriver to pull out the metal thingy.
> After that, you can unscrew the holding screws of the plastic.
> =================================================================
> Make that a very dull, dinner, knife, or dull putty knife,
> or small (~ 5") pry bar.  Two tabs on the rear (toward
> the seat) edge of the finely perforated grille snap into
> the mating, shorter grille (with the three long slots).
> The taps are each ~ 1/4" long and ~ 1" from the corners
> on the left and right.  Insert the tool between the two
> grilles, adjacent to where each of those two tabs are,
> and pry up the rear edge of the perforated grille until
> each tab pops free.
> I just used the end of the nail file tool on my "Classic"
> Swiss Army pocket knive to remind myself where those tabs
> are, and it worked fine.  Oh, and there are two similar
> tabs on the front edge, but these pop free when you pry
> that rear edge up and keep lifting it up until the front
> tabs pop free.
> The perforated grille comes out and the other grille
> with the three slots stays in the dash cover.  The dash
> speakers are accessible then (although maybe the other
> grille has to be removed first, but how will be obvious).
> Good luck,
> Steve
> Ukiah, CA
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