Synthetic oil

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Wed Aug 20 15:41:54 EDT 2003

Regarding semi-synthetics, I'll share my thoughts.

I haven't seen anything that describes what percentage of synthetic you are getting.  So, they could put in a tiny amount of synthetic, use conventional for the rest, and still call it a semi-synthetic.

My thinking is if you are supposed to be able to mix synthetic and conventional without any problems, then I would rather by 50/50 (or whatever ratio) of each and mix them myself in my engine.  That way I know what I'm paying for.

I suppose it might be prudent to use the same brand for both oil types.



Andrew Duane USG duane at wrote:

<<Castrol makes both: a semi-synthetic blend (priced at about
$2.50/qt) and a full synthetic (at about $4/qt). I think only
the full synthetic is called Syntec; the blend is labelled
as something else.>>

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