Part # for strut Bar??

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Cool. Thanks. I want it for my CGT.
The "air duct" is $34.95. Exactly the cost you show for the bar, Huw.
Looking at the pictures, it strikes me that it may be nothing more than a
length of 3/4" square stock. If so, I could get it at Home Depot for less
than 1/3 the cost i would think (I gots plenty of paint). Although I'd still
need to buy the connecting bits.
Anyone care to measure the cross-section dimensions, and length for me?

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Stephen Santoliquido writes:
> Huw (or any other knowledgable dude);
> Is the part # (8A0 805 645 A) for the Coupe Quattro strut bar on your site
> ( correct?

I don't think that strut bar is a Coupe Q part.  Rather, it's a B4 chassis
Audi 90 unit.  The part number 8A0 805 645 A is correct (and is called
"connecting pipe" in the FA).  However that is only the cross member
bar, it doesn't include the strut tower mounts.  Those are 8A0 805 635 B
(left) and 8A0 805 636 B (right).  And you also need the bolts and washers.

These are shown in the FA for 1995 Audi 90q, MG 8, SG 05, illus 805-00.

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