AC not functioning correctly

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Mon Aug 25 09:43:31 EDT 2003

Just a guess, but I'd bet you are low on freon. What are your pressures like?

1987.5 CGT
SE Virginia

> From: George Selby <gselby4x4 at>
> Date: 2003/08/23 Sat PM 12:18:42 EDT
> To: quattro at
> Subject: AC not functioning correctly
> Up until this past Wednesday, the AC in my Audi 80 worked fine, with temps
> coming out the vent of 40 degrees F.  All of a sudden on Wednesday, I
> noticed the air was a lot warmer.  I put the thermometer back in the dash
> vent, and the vent temps are all of a sudden 60 degrees F.  Another strange
> symptom is the air warms up as you drive, and it gets colder while you sit
> at a light.
> I started paying attention to the AC compressor cycling, and have come the
> conclusion that the compressor isn't staying on long enough.  When sitting
> at a light, it stays on about 30-40% of the time, but while driving it only
> stays on for about 5-10% of the time, it comes on for a second or two, and
> then clicks off.  I jumped the relay (you can hear it click each time the
> compressor cycles) but the compressor STILL cut out at the same
> frequency.  So I need to know what controls are in between the relay and
> the compressor (like excess high side pressure sensor, or the like) and
> where they might be located.  Car is a 4 cyl./2wd.
> George Selby
> 83 Audi Coupe GT
> 89 Audi 80
> gselby4x4 at

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