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If the failure is that the brushes are worn, a cheapy no-name voltage
regulator assembly for $15-20 (or Bosch for $30) will get you back on the
road; I understand that the regulator can be replaced on a type 44 without
removing the alternator but I haven't touched the alternator on my Audi yet
(VW one has been in and out for a rebuild and couple VRs). Some people like
to replace just the brushes for $3 or so, this requires some patience and
semi-delicate soldering. A full rebuild of your "dead" alternator at a
Bosch-certified automotive electrical shop (after you take it out yourself)
will probably run around $100-150 or so depending on where you are located.
This will fix things like worn internal parts other than the brushes and
get you shiny new paint. You should also be able to find "rebuilt" as
oposed to "new" units off the sheld at local auto parts chains for about
the same amount, but you aren't sure what parts they used. However, if it
has just stopped charging and there are no funny new noises coming from the
alternator, it's probably just the brushes - either that or the "blue wire
of death" (field exciter wire) has corroded and fallen off (does the
"alternator" light on the dashboard light up/autocheck "OK" when key is
first turned on?). Or you can have the mechanic install a brand new one for
$350+labor and you get to take it back to that same mechanic if anything
ever goes wrong with the alternator again.

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> My 1989 Audi 100 auto stopped charging the battery.  Mechanic reports
alternator "Dead".   He suggests put in new:  Part $350 plus labor.   Is
there another alternative?   Is it stupid to put in a used one?   How about
rebuilt?   Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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