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Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Tue Aug 26 00:19:35 EDT 2003

  I've done 115mph with a bike on the roof.  Seemed fine, but I
use the good old fashioned mount where the forkes lock onto the
bar directly.  Much more secure and lower CG than many mounts
where you leave the wheels on.
  140mph is pretty fast though.  I think my Rocket Box would
take flight if it wasnt' loaded down at that speed.  Yikes.

--- pat <pdooley at> wrote:
> Those speed numbers are KPH, right?
> I would like to see any car doing 140 MPH with a bike on the
> roof.
> <snip>
> sleeping in them. . . she only burnt less than a quart of oil.
> . . while
> hauling me my father and brother  their things for a 15 day
> stay and all
> of my
> items for school and for play with include a bike, computer,
> and a hefty
> stereo. . . with the roof rack ( 18+ cubic feet plus a bike)
> on i was
> running
> on the bump stops....all the while at highly illegal speeds
> (120 during
> the
> day and 140+ at night). . . I will never buy any thing
> less.... loaded
> to the

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